"Doug Lory has created a contemporary 'Seven Story Mountain' in theatrical form.  While he reveals his own personal and spiritual evolution, he also attends to the Trappist mystic and writer Thomas Merton with deep inner truth.  Living consciously in today’s world is no small task!  A modern man, a man of HIS time, Doug’s story in Merton & Me takes the audience with him on a ride to the center." 


Dr. Carol A. Joyce

Clinical Psychotherapist, NYC

"I still haven't come down from this amazing production!  The play demonstrated the way a person

can make meaning and sense out of a tumultuous life and, like Merton's writings, reaches out to all of humanity from the least to the greatest."

Bill Derby

Teacher, Musician

"With Thomas Merton as his guide, Doug spirals down his life path, encountering friendship, love, loss and loneliness. His creative search for truth integrates mind, body, soul and cell resulting in a dynamic performance as he accesses his spiritual wholeness and true self. Truly inspiring and entertaining as well!"

Alice Finley

Merton Student

"We were captivated throughout - this really is a must see show!  Doug's ability to weave Merton’s brilliance into his own life experience is profound, moving and insightful.    We marveled at Doug’s acting abilities but also in his sensitivity to deeply understand & portray Merton in such an original and provocative way."

Teresa Scott

Former Thomas Merton NYC Chapter Coordinator


"A powerful inter play between the true self (who I am), the false self ( who I project myself to be or the only self I know myself to be), and the voice of Thomas Merton
(a voice of wisdom) challenging me to be the self I am called to be - the transformed self.  Superbly acted, mirroring the complexity of the human person, celebrating the role of the wisdom person who we need to meet in our lives.  Doug challenges us to find that person."


Father Carl Arico

Founding Member of Contemplative Outreach

Centering Prayer Teacher/Retreat Leader

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