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  "Are they moved by a sense of human need for silence, for reflection, for inner seeking?  So they want to get away from the noise and tension of modern life, at least for a little while, in order to relax their minds and wills and seek a blessed healing sense of inner unity, reconciliation, integration."  - Thomas Merton

If you would like to spend such time together, experiencing the intimate dynamics of live story telling while also engaging in periods of silent reflection, meditation and dialogue, Merton and Me, A Living Trinity is easily integrated into a one-day or weekend retreat program. 


While Doug's personal spiritual journey is rooted in the Catholic Christian tradition, the play speaks to the universal search for meaning and identity and resonates with audiences of various faith traditions and spiritual paths.  Any environment that seeks to cultivate and nurture the human spirit in mind, body, heart, and soul is an ideal setting for such a retreat, whether a Centering Prayer or Christian meditation program, a Buddhist or Zen monastery, Church, University or any other such setting.


*This retreat is also appropriate for those groups who are unaccustomed to traditional periods of meditative silence.  Even sitting together quietly for just a few minutes can create an atmosphere more conducive to exploring the themes that Merton and Me explores. 

"For language to have meaning, there must be intervals of silence somewhere, to divide word from word and utterance from utterance.  He who retires into silence does not necessarily hate language.  Perhaps it is love and respect for language which imposes silence upon him.  For the mercy of God is not heard in words, unless it is heard, both before and after the words are spoken, in silence." - Thomas Merton

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